Why Us?

a) Scalability and ease of deployment

Our franchise concept brands are highly scalable. They are modular by design and the set up cost is manageable. Moreover, we are highly systems-driven and not people dependent.

b) Profitability

We work very closely with franchisees to improve sales and profit. Franchisees will be provided with systems to manage all aspects of their operations to achieve ideal sales and break even points. We ensure that strategic decisions are made together with us. 

c) Continual Improvement Process

We continually innovate and re-invent ourselves; from new marketing collateral and designs to continuous R&D for improvement in the various aspects of food offerings, operational efficiency and more.

d) Store Rationalisation

PastaMania is designed and built on a modular basis. This allows us to fully optimise the floor space such that we can maximise revenue-generation, without compromising on store aesthetics, operational efficiency and safety.